Vision & Objectives of Metro Sanitations Pvt ltd

As our founder once put it "We are in the Business of rejuvenating people!" we aim to create experiences that alleviate the senses and leaves you refreshed. Our main objective is to provide you with the right 'interface' for enjoying water in a manner that is most desirable. Through designs that are both aesthetically appealing and easy to use we try to move forward with this vision.

The company acknowledges the importance of the Industry it is part of and takes it as its responsibility to cater to a wide customer base. Renowned as a company for constant innovation in the field, we are driven by our long standing motto- 'Excellence in Production'. The company seeks to strike a balance between importing solutions from abroad and developing technologies in the domestic industry scope, without compromising on its ethics of quality.

The company is deeply committed to the welfare of everyone associated with it. From the skilled workforce, to the management, to the market chain, the company has been working diligently to maintain the 'chain of welfare' at every level. Also, the company has maintained and strives to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism in the manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing processes are appropriately divided and supervised by trained professionals who see through the daily operations of the company. A place for advancements in technique and ingenuity, the company sees itself as a partner in Enterprise with its employees and associates. Skill development, a platform for employment opportunity and congenial working Environment are attributes that the company seeks to strictly adhere to.

Being in Business since 1960, the company fully understands the importance of a sustainable model for the Environment. As manufacturers dealing with metals, the company is in Business of adding value to a natural resource. We therefore take it as our responsibility to work towards a sustainable model for a Greener tomorrow. The company follows a system of recycling and reusing left over material throughout the process of manufacturing while making sure that no waste is disposed of without proper treatment.

There is a growing concern over water is a scarce resource. The company follows a strict policy of recycling water in its manufacturing process. Being in Business with Water, we are aware of and encourage the judicial use of this precious resource in our 'Save Water' campaign.

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